From dream to company

Offering a Comprehensive Range of Construction Services.

Raley is a multifaceted company, providing real estate development and construction management services throughout Toronto and the GTA. Working closely with developers, onsite managers and residential homeowners, Raley approaches every project with an open-mind and an adaptable skillset.

Whatever the Need, We Make It Happen.

Employees and Customers Come First

Raley’s founders know what it’s like to be an underappreciated employee and a customer whose needs aren’t listened to. From the ground up, we created our company differently. Our employees are recognized, rewarded and praised for the work they do. Knowing very well that no project is a success without a happy customer, we take the necessary time to understand who our customers are, what they’re driven by and what they’re hoping to accomplish. 

Quality From the Ground Up

By valuing, respecting, caring for and honouring the needs of its employees, Raley fosters a work environment that supports quality and integrity. Our employees tell us they are genuinely enthusiastic about showing up, and that’s something we believe translates into a job well done. Every time.

A Focus on Function and Longevity

Raley’s DNA revolves around two key principles: purpose and durability. Be it the formation of a concrete foundation, the management of a retail construction project or the end-to-end development of a row of townhomes, we think, plan and deliver in ways that ensure the optimal function and maximum longevity of the building.

The Meaning Behind the Name

Raley represents the original founders’ daughters. Because we think of our business as our extended family, we wanted its name to honour the people we hold so dear to our hearts. 

RA is the “ra” from the name Sierra, the daughter of one founder, and LEY is the “ley” in Kinsley, the daughter’s name of the second founder.

Together, they make RALEY, and that carries with it a sentiment of love and joy that we bring to our work each day.

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