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Raley offers all-encompassing construction management services throughout Toronto and Southern Ontario. Acting as your advisor, manager and general contractor, our service is designed to take you from raw land to final occupancy, with a focus on helping you obtain the most optimal financial outcome.


Have you acquired a piece of land and now you’re looking for a construction expert to advise you on development? Raley has the experience and capability to run a full construction analysis in order to identify costs, estimates, schedules, budgets, sustainable practices, and the most viable designs based on your needs and current trends.

Costing and Projections

We provide you with a complete cost breakdown, both for soft costs and hard costs, and outline projected sales and profit based on market trends and reports. Once a final plan is in place, we bring in the most suitable designers, architects and engineers to create the framework for your project.

Comprehensive Construction Management

Let the building begin! Raley works on your behalf to confirm land zoning, obtain permits, finalize design, tender the project and fill in the gaps when it comes to hiring all the required professionals to start building. When construction commences, our management services are thorough and professional, helping us stay on schedule and on budget. Deadlines and costs are taken very seriously at Raley, and we stand by the work ethic of our teams to deliver, without sacrificing on quality or the integrity of our workmanship.

Sustainable Building

Raley is an environmentally conscious company, and our team believes in preserving the earth every way we can. As your construction manager, we consult with you on alternative materials and practices, and advise you on innovative building methods grounded in sustainability.

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