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Development and Construction

Raley is a real estate development and construction management company, working on various projects throughout Toronto and Southern Ontario. Whatever the need, we’re known for our ability to adapt and cater our skillsets in order to achieve a final outcome that always meets expectations.

The Raley Approach ​

We’re a Toronto development and construction company that puts its employees first. Believing strongly that the happier our employees, the better our work, we show up to every jobsite with vigour in our bodies and smiles on our faces. From acquiring land, to planning a development, to performing financial analyses, to building and selling, Raley is a multifaceted company that takes pride in its work.

What We Stand For​

In all that we do, we’re guided by our strong mission and vision for Raley. As a team, we make a point of living and breathing the corporate values that shape who we are, what we do and the unwavering level of commitment we have for our clients.

Meet Our Team​

Driven, skilled and committed to the Raley vision, our team members love what they do and enjoy helping our clients on a wide range of projects.

The Services We Provide ​

Raley is a well-rounded company offering multiple services in real estate and construction.

Real Estate Development

Raley acquires land, carefully analyzes each opportunity, and builds with care and precision to project completion.

Construction Management

Whether it’s our project or yours, we provide a level of construction management that ensures the utmost in quality, and strict adherence to timelines and budgets.

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